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What We Do

At Ultimate Energy Advisors, we pride ourselves in keeping our business up to date with changes in the deregulated markets including both new markets opening up to deregulation and changes within markets currently deregulated.  We have a true “coast to coast” approach with a strong knowledge base of both electricity and natural gas. Ultimate Energy Advisors can assist you with the procurement and management and your companies commodities accounts.

Natural Gas
Electricity & Natural Gas

When is the right time  to buy an energy contract? We will guide you through the energy procurement process from the RFP to the contract stages with well established “Tier One” Retail Electric Providers.


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When procurement of your commodity occurs, Ultimate Energy will provide you with a comparison of your current cost arrangement to what is available at any given time. The analysis will provide you with a percentage differential showing the increase or decrease of current prices.  The difference is presented on BOTH an actual dollar amount as well as a per kWh sum.


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Our vast experience in the U.S.  and Canadian markets is at  your disposal to help you navigate through the various methods of purchasing power.  Our risk analysis will put you in the right contract for your business needs.

Electricity and Natural Gas agreements are typically identical in most of their contract terms and conditions; however, each supplier has their “quirks” in their contracts.  Ultimate Energy will advise you of what incremental advantages may be realized in the contracts and attempt to negotiate better terms on behalf of your company.  While some of these adjustments may be simply getting more days to pay your invoice, they may be beneficial over the term of your contract.


Like other decisions a business owner or corporation must consider, the proper procurement and management of electricity takes someone who has knowledge and an understanding of the process and variables required to make a responsible assessment. The professionals at Ultimate Energy Advisors take the guesswork out of the purchase of electricity. UEA will arrange for a competitive rate, and will assist you with market intelligence that will provide your organization a higher level of budget certainty for controlling the cost long term.

Natural Gas

The procurement and management of Natural Gas is completely different than electricity. The transmission and delivery process itself of gas to consumers can vary greatly depending on the utility and the gas pipeline itself. Variables such as usage tolerance, bandwidth, delivery costs and products are measured much differently. Ultimate Energy Advisors will provide you with the necessary direction and help you make an informed and responsible decision. Risk assessment is critical when procuring natural gas and in some cases staying with the utility may be the best option. Let Ultimate Energy Advisors analyze and compare your current costs with available options.