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How We Can Help

We save the customer time, effort and headaches.

Organize Account Information

  • Organize customers account information so that a precise procurement strategy can be put into place.
  • Track and monitor updates with customer’s accounts through and post the procurement phase tracking; adds, deletes, contract expiration dates, hedged prices, utility rates and more.
  • Keep customer updated on a moving forward basis, in a timely manner for all important matters (changes in market, advantageous pricing/savings, contract expirations, etc.
  • Aggregate

Compare & Analyze

  • With savings/ cost being the main driver for each transaction for the customer we will complete a comprehensive comparison covering current offers from Supplier’s and the customers current rate, either with a utility or a supplier.
  • Being fully transparent if it best suits the customer we will suggest staying with the Utility!


If you are a member of an association or group, Ultimate Energy Advisors can help you maximize your buying power to reduce your energy costs. By aggregating locations, your group can take advantage of an increased total usage amount which may result in lower pricing. The economies of scale realized by combining several locations may be a very effective way to lower and control your energy costs. As in all scenarios Ultimate Energy Advisors will analyze the costs to determine if this is an advantageous route for your business and the businesses within your group.