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Budgeting & Forecasting

    Analysis comparing current product and previous commodity cost vs proposed price.

    When procurement of your commodity occurs, Ultimate Energy will provide you with a comparison of your current cost arrangement to what is available at any given time. The analysis will provide you with a percentage differential showing the increase or decrease of current prices.  The difference is presented on BOTH an actual dollar amount as well as a per kWh sum.  Ultimate Energy can also provide a detailed month to month budget for any given time period.  The information used is pulled directly from the historical meter data pulled on your accounts.  We then use your fixed contract rate and utilize an estimated variance if your usage increases for any given billing period.

    The research of ancillary fees or charges relative to elec/ gas based on market and/or region (Capacity, Congestion, etc.)

    There are a number of terms that are not used in most companies’ daily working terminology.  Line items such as line losses, Congestion, Capacity, NODAL and REC charges are items that can affect your final price and ability to manage your electricity costs.  Other items such as swing and bandwidth are used in both natural gas and electricity should be addressed and negotiated properly.  Ultimate Energy’s consultant’s take pride in their ability to address these items, implement them accurately and properly deliver the results to their customers so they understand the net effect of their costs and the risks associated with each.